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display few charts from plugin (docking)

Posted By octacomm 4 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday June 25 2014

We want to do our custom plugin to show a few charts at one page (docked style).

We display charts this way:
foreach (Symbol symbol in finalResults.SystemData.Symbols)
finalResults.ShowChart(symbol, finalResults.SystemData.SystemBars[symbol].Items[finalResults.SystemData.SystemBars[symbol].Count - 1].BarStartTime);

The problem is that nowhere in the User Manual or Rightedge forum, we couldn't find whether its possible, to control showcharts, dock them or display in some different way. Is that possible?

There is another problem when it comes to visualizing things. When we set the Change font in Chart settings, the font size of the OHLC, date , prices don't change. We want to increase the font size of the upper left panel which display each bar OHLC,date, Symbol name, Time-frame. I guess its a bug now.

We also also want to display our own things in this upper left panel. Is that possible?

One more thing, is it possible to set margin property in pixels for the size of Image (object) from its x,y coordinates point?
How does SetStartCap, SetEndCap works? When I use with image, it doesn't change it?

Thank you in advance!

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Posted Thursday June 26 2014
There's no API in RightEdge to control the window placement or docking of the chart window shown when you call ShowChart. You may be able to do this by using Win32 APIs to find the correct window and send it messages causing it to move where you want it. There's no guarantee this would continue to work in future versions of RightEdge if the user interface changes, but it might be better than nothing.

I might be able to fix the bug in the chart font size.

Is the "upper left panel" on the chart itself or are you talking about the toolbox that shows indicators, etc? Either way there's not a way to add your own UI.

I don't think SetStartCap and SetEndCap do anything, or that there's any way to control the positioning or margin of an image object in pixels.

Posted Saturday June 28 2014
Dear Daniel,

Regarding the chart font size, will the bug be fixed in futures releases or you can provide me files to update, so it works. Its really small and killing my eyes. I told Bill 1-2 months ago but didn't hear back about that.
I hope you can speed the fix.

Thank you


Edited: Monday February 09 2015 by octacomm
Posted Monday November 03 2014
Hi Iliyan,

I've just released build 52 of RightEdge, which lets you adjust the chart font size correctly.


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