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Live Data pane missing

Posted By alpha23 5 Years Ago
Posted Thursday August 21 2014
How do I reset the panes? I know there was a previous topic that removed a file to reset but cannot find.

Can this issue be fixed? It's painful trying to find a file to delete in order to get a pane back (no pun intended).

Thanks, Duane
Posted Thursday August 21 2014
Does the View/Live Data menu not bring it back?

Failing that, the file to delete is docklayout.xml in the RightEdge application data folder.

Posted Thursday August 21 2014
View | Live Data does not bring the pane back.

I had deleted the docklayout.xml file but RightEdge would not start (dialog box upon starting an exception and to close).  When I copied the file back, it started.  I can retry this later today.

Any ideas beyond the above?

Thanks, Duane

Edited: Thursday August 21 2014 by alpha23
Posted Thursday August 21 2014
What's the exception you get when you delete docklayout.xml?
Posted Thursday August 21 2014
it is working now.  I did not capture it.  I will next time.

Thanks, Duane

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