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slow RE application and grapth after idle for sometime

Posted By octacomm 4 Years Ago
Posted Thursday August 21 2014

When I leave RE open for a while - 5 -10 minutes and I do some other work, when I go back to RE to use it again it acts much slower. Its difficult to work with the charts also. What could be the possible reason ? I have a few GB free RAM and my computer is good one. I see so much free resources, so I guess its different issue. It happens only with RE and only on 1 of my computers. On the other few it doesn't have this issue. What should I do ?

Thank you in advance



Posted Thursday August 21 2014
Are there any Windows event logs that would indicate why this may be occurring?

Edited: Friday August 22 2014 by alpha23
Posted Friday August 22 2014
Should I look for RE specific error or what? I'm not sure. I don't see RE listed in the applications and services.
Posted Friday August 22 2014

I was justsuggesting to look in your Window’s event logs - application, system, etc. - todetermine if there is anything going on with your system.  Errors in these logs may indicate other issueswhich subsequently affect other programs such as RE.

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