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Order.CustomString not persisting

Posted By smersh 4 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday September 02 2014
It seems that setting CustomString on an order persists correctly (I can see it in LiveOpenPositions.xml) between live runs, but does not deserialise at all (Order.CustomString = null) on restart in live mode.

Order.Decsription persists just fine however.

This is in Build 49.

Can you confirm this behaviour.

Posted Friday September 05 2014
This should have been fixed way back in build 28.

What broker are you using?  The broker has the opportunity to override the positions and orders in the SetAccountState method.  So it's possible that the CustomString is getting lost there.

Posted Monday September 08 2014
Daniel, I'm using IB. but the fix in build28 is about position.CustomString not order.CustomString....

Edited: Monday September 08 2014 by smersh
Posted Sunday September 14 2014
Oops.  Thanks for the report, I'll look at fixing this.

Posted Sunday October 19 2014
This will be fixed in the next build.


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