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SymbolConfig 3-rd Level

Posted By octacomm 4 Years Ago
Posted Thursday September 25 2014
Hello everyone

We are trying to create automatically with a script 3-rd or 4-th level folders in the Watchlist. We followed and read the following topics:
the problem is that we can only create 1 Main folder with one inside ( or 2-nd level). But we can't create 3-rd level for example:
Folders: "Commodities" , Sub-folder "Energy", Sub-folder "Daily"
Is there a way to do it? The thing is that we can only access and see the 1-st folder, and we can thus create only 2-nd level folders.

In the API there is findtoplevelfolder and it always return the 1-st level folder or "Commodities" in the example above. How or is there a way to RETURN that there is 2-nd level sub-folder or "Energy" as in the example, so we can create 3-rd level folder in "Energy" -  folder named "Daily".

We use the files from Daniel's post here:
Can we use these to find specific folder (2nd level) and to tell our script to create folder inside it (3-rd level)?

Thank you in advance

Edited: Thursday September 25 2014 by octacomm
Posted Friday September 26 2014
The methods in WatchListUtil.cs don't support multiple levels of watchlist folders.  The object model in WatchListObjects.cs does.  You would need to modify the WatchListUtil code to support multiple levels of folders.


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