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Commision / Broker compatibility

Posted By danflu 4 Years Ago
Posted Saturday November 08 2014
How can I set the commission for a guiven simulation ? Is there a way to set this in code or using menu options ? 

Another question: Is RightEdge compatible with Brazilian brokers for a live system setup ?

I'm really beginning to get a grasp in RightEdge, sorry if my questions fell kinda lame...

Posted Saturday November 08 2014
You can set up commissions in the paper trader settings.

Interactive Brokers is the main broker that RightEdge supports, but RightEdge's broker functionality is based on plugins, so you can theoretically connect it to any broker if you or someone else writes the plugin for that broker.  The source code for the Interactive Brokers plugin (and most other plugins RightEdge includes) is included in the RightEdge samples.

Posted Monday November 10 2014
Ok! Thanks!

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