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List of Fixes and New Features for all RE Builds

Posted By smersh 4 Years Ago
Posted Thursday December 04 2014
Hi Daniel,

I can only see one post, RightEdge 2010 Build 52 Now Available in RE Announcements.

Is there a way I can get the list of Fixes and New Features for all RE Build?

I like to read the list to anticipate any conflicts that might arise when updating.

I'm currently on b49 and need to know about b50 and b51

Posted Friday December 05 2014
In the RE Announcements forum, after the list of posts but before the "Post Topic" button, do you see a list of display options?  Change the last one to "from: the beginning" and click go, and it should display all the posts in the forum.

Posted Tuesday December 09 2014
That worked, Thanks Daniel

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