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Build 53 Target Framework version

Posted By stanleyu 4 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday December 30 2014
Can you please clarify which Target Framework that you used to compiled RightEdge Build 53?
I'm using VS 2008 (which supports 3.5 .Net Framework) to develop an indicator for RightEdge, and I was not able to add Common.DLL and Indicators.DLL in Build 53 as Reference in an C# Project. VS shows a yellow exclamation icon next to the DLLs and won't let the project to compile. It took me a day to figure out that it appears that the two DLLs in Build 53 were compiled using a different (newer version, .Net 4.0?) Target Framework. After referencing my project to the DLLs in Build 52, VS stopped complaining.

As a suggestion, would you be able to post your development environment for each new build that you release in the future?

BTW, the link Service Plugin Developer in your User Help Guild is broken. It would be nice if you can create better documents (with examples) to help developers to create plug-ins for your application.

Would you be considering release the source code of your indicators? I seem to recall seeing this being mentioned in the forum sometime ago, but I'm not sure if this has happened.

Posted Tuesday December 30 2014
RightEdge updated to target .NET 4.5 in build 52.  I would expect you'd get the same behavior when using the DLLs from build 52 as build 53.  Build 50 and earlier targeted .NET 3.5.

Microsoft recently released Visual Studio Community 2013, and that's what I recommend for RightEdge development.  It is a free version of Visual Studio but without the limitations that the Express versions had.

I'm sorry it was hard to figure out what was wrong.  In recent versions of Visual Studio, you will get a pretty good error message (in the errors list) when you try to reference a DLL targeting a later framework from a project targeting an earlier version.  VS 2008 may not have handled this as well.

Where did you find the broken link about service plugin development?  Here's the service plugin page from the user guide.  Here's a forum post with instructions for how to start with the source code for existing plugins that comes with RightEdge, modify it, and use it.

I've added an item to my todo list to release the indicator source code.  The main reason I haven't done so yet is because the code is not very pretty- it's gone through several transformations as we changed the way the indicator interfaces worked over the years.

Posted Wednesday December 31 2014
Thanks Daniel, your reply is helpful.
To locate the bad link, in RightEdge, click 'Help' -> 'Contents'. In the RightEdge Help window that opened, click on "How do I", then 'Configure a Service', in the page that opens, go to the end of the page, the Service Plugin Developer link at the bottom of the page points to a bad URL.
Posted Wednesday March 25 2015
In RightEdge build 54, I've added the source code for the indicators to the RightEdgePlugins sample code, and I've fixed the broken link you pointed out in the help.


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