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Retrieving frequency via code

Posted By isaacvictorbabani 3 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday January 07 2015
Two quick questions:  

1. I have set the Frequency for a strategy to be 5-minutes in the Frequency field of the Properties pane.  This will be a parameter the user can change.  Is it possible to retrieve the frequency the user has selected programatically?  Would there be a SystemParameter that I can use to get this information?

2.  RE has a BarStartTime property.  How can I get the end time of the bar?  I can easily use the Add(TimeSpan) method to do this if I could get the size of the bar (i.e. 5 minutes), but I don't know how to get the bar size via code.  Please advise.  

Thank you.
Posted Thursday January 08 2015
If the system is using a normal time-based frequency, you can get the bar length with this code:
TimeSpan barLength = ((TimeFrequency)SystemData.BarFrequency).BarLength;

As you point out, you should be able to add the bar length to the BarStartTime to get the bar end time.

Posted Thursday January 08 2015
Excellent. Thank you.  I did not know about the conversion to the TimeFrequency data type.  This is perfect.  

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