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Editing Strategy Parameters

Posted By isaacvictorbabani 3 Years Ago
Posted Thursday January 15 2015
I have created an automated strategy that has several parameters a user may wish to modify.  Currently, the values reside in the code and would need to be modified therein.  Is there a way to display the strategy parameters to the Properties pane so that the user can update/modify them before running the strategy (i.e. after the strategy is loaded, but before it is run)?  Thank you.
Posted Thursday January 15 2015
You can add system parameters to your system using the "Add System Parameter..." link at the bottom of the system properties pane.  They can subsequently be modified using that pane.

From code, you can access a system parameter like this:

double myParameterValue = SystemParameters["MyParameterName"]

System parameters can also be used to run an optimization on your system to look for the best parameter values.

Posted Thursday January 15 2015
Thank you.

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