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Forum email subscriptions - Are they working properly?

Posted By LeftEdge 3 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday January 27 2015
I've recently started posting on the RightEdge forums.  I've posted a few messages, and subscribed to several topics, but I have not received a single email from the RightEdge Forum for any of those. 

I saw another recent post from user Andreas Clenow that seems to indicate he's not getting emails either.

Could the email send functionality be broken?  If so, it would certainly impact the activity of the RightEdge forums, because people will have no easy way of knowing if their topics are being updated.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Posted Wednesday January 28 2015
Something's up with the forum for sure. I don't get any email notifications, despite having subscribed to threads.

Also, I can't view my own profile. If I click on my own name (links to, I get redirected to and given the error message below.

The following error occurred...

Posted Wednesday January 28 2015
Yes, I get the same error message that you do.  I can click on my account name, and that seems to work now.  (Did it already get fixed?  That was fast!)

But here is another path to generate the same error:

Posted Thursday January 29 2015
Forum emails should be working now.  Let me know if you have any issues.

There do appear to be various other issues with the forums.  Let me know as you find them and if there are serious issues I'll try to fix them.  If they're not very serious... well I don't want to spend all my time chasing up forum bugs so it might be a while before they are fixed. :-)

Andreas, you can access your profile here (note the underscore):


Edited: Thursday January 29 2015 by dplaisted
Posted Thursday January 29 2015
I'm getting forum email notifications now.  Thank you!

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