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Importing Instruments from IB to Watchlist

Posted By isaacvictorbabani 3 Years Ago
Posted Thursday February 12 2015
I would like to import all the options for a given underlying (i.e. NFLX) that expire on a particular date (passed as a parameter) from IB to my Watchlist.  Is this possible?  Does anyone have sample code for doing something similar?

Thank you.
Posted Sunday February 15 2015
RightEdge doesn't currently have anything like that built in.  I'm doing some work on the watchlist right now, so I may be able to add something to help with this.

To do something like this today, you would need to write a program outside of RightEdge that would modify the watch list.  Here's some code to modify the watchlist.

You'd want to connect to TWS, get the list of options for the symbol, and then add them to the watch list.  I'm not familiar with the APIs youd need to use to get the list of options for a symbol.  The Yahoo TWS API discussion group would be a good place to ask about that.


P. S. Your email address in our system seems to be wrong.  I'm getting a delivery status failure notification any time the system tries to send you an email (for example, to notify you of a new reply to your forum post).

Edited: Sunday February 15 2015 by dplaisted
Posted Monday February 16 2015
Thank you.  I will check out the Yahoo discussion group as I am unsure how I would retrieve the list of options from the TWS API.

Regarding the email, I just checked my profile in order to verify/change the email and got an error message that the profile page could not be accessed and to contact the lead administrator.  Suggestions?

Posted Monday February 16 2015
Can you try going to the My Account / User Information page of the RightEdge homepage (instead of the forums) and changing your email there?

Posted Monday February 16 2015
Done.  The email associated with my account is  

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