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Slow application loading

Posted By octacomm 4 Years Ago
Posted Sunday March 22 2015

I have this problem. I bought a new more powerful computer. Better CPU, new model , more RAM, also SSD hard.
The old was 20% worse CPU, 50% less RAM and normal hard drive.

But what I got is 2-3 times slower loading of Rightedge application. I don't load a  system but just the application. I also tried with my watchlist and without with the default one. 
My old more slow computer ASUS is loading 2-3 times faster than the new "faster" and more powerful ACER. 

I would appreciate your help because this is very frustrating, I'm even thinking to return the new computer. Does anyone have an idea what is causing the loading of RE issue? What settings to change? What's the different?

I tried installing the application also on the normal hard drive on the new computer (Not the SSD) but its still the same slow loading. The problem is also not caused because of power plan, as I use the highest performance one.

Normal loading is 4 sec with default watchlist, but on the new one its 10-13 sec. I have 53 MB watchlist, and then on the old one it loads for 15-20 sec, and on the new one for 35 sec.

What a bad idea to upgrade? Smile Thanks in advance.

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Posted Monday March 23 2015
The next build will be out soon and will have an option to log how long different operations are taking during startup.  This should help give us an idea of why it's slower to start up on the newer computer.

Posted Monday March 30 2015
The issue was computer one. The pagefile size was only 2GB, on PC with 16GB. When we increased it to 16GB, it started loading super quickly. 7 sec for 56MB watchlist.

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