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chaining indicators to do conditional entries and exits

Posted By hmccoy99 3 Years Ago
Posted Thursday April 16 2015
How do you chain indicators to do conditionals for entries and exits.   with the code generator system designer?
and is there a code generator to convert rule base trading system from the system designer to  C# code?

    cross over  upper bollinger band  or  RSI  > 70  
open position
                cross under  lower bollinger band or RSI < 30
exit position
Posted Monday April 20 2015
You can use conditional triggers such as "And" and "Or" to combine multiple conditions in the system designer.  Attached is a sample with the conditions you described.

There's no automatic way to convert the components from the system designer to source code, but you can create a system that includes elements on the system designer, as well as source code which can refer to those elements.


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Posted Monday April 20 2015
Thanks Daniel,

when I try to rearrange the conditionals  its will not allow me to change them for example

cross under lower bollinger band or RSI  < 30
open position

cross over upper bollinger band or RSI > 70 or profit target of 10%
close positon

am i missing something?

Posted Tuesday April 21 2015
I guess you can't drag the actions (ie Buy and Close position) around.  You can right click on them to delete them and then drag in a new one from the System Components toolbox.

You can drag around the other objects, though if an object is already used as an input, dragging it will set the input where you drag it to but it will also remain where you dragged it from.  So the same object will appear twice.


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