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ichimoku indicator ?

Posted By jmdess 4 Years Ago
Posted Thursday April 16 2015
Can I implement the TRUE Ichimoku indicator in RightEdge ? (i.e. with bars in the future ?)
Thank you.
Posted Wednesday April 22 2015
How is the Ichimoku indicator supposed to be calculated?  Does it need to look at future bars for calculations?  If so, how do you use it for real trading when the future bars aren't available?

Posted Wednesday April 29 2015

The Ichimoku indicator contains, between other lines, one "cloud représenting a balance area of prices on 17 and 52 past periods projected 26 periods in the future which materialize future supports/résistances"
Hence, it does NOT look at future bars.
But it need a trading software that can draws in the future.
Thank you.

Posted Sunday May 03 2015
No, the RightEdge charts don't support drawing bars in the future.

Posted Thursday May 14 2015
Ok, thank you

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