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Currency history to make conversions

Posted By Yuri55 4 Years Ago
Posted Thursday May 14 2015
In the help for the Options-> Account tab it says the following : "The account currency can be set to any of the supported types and trades may be made in a different  currency .  RightEdge will perform the currency conversion back to your account currency.  Note: Historical currency data will have to be available for this conversion to work."

Where and how does one upload the historical currency data in order to make currency conversions when conducting backtests? I am not connected to any broker feed but running a portfolio multi-currency assets.

Tx in advance!

Posted Wednesday May 20 2015
I'm going to add better documentation for this, but basically you add a Forex symbol to your watchlist for the account currency and symbol currency.  You download data for that symbol into your data store, and RightEdge will use that Forex data for the exchange rate to convert your profit or loss into the account currency.

Posted Tuesday June 16 2015
I've added a section to the RightEdge documentation on this: Trade in Different Currencies.

Let us know if you think anything is unclear or needs more explanation.


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