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Relative Strength RSI Frequency

Posted By ywlee 3 Years Ago
Posted Monday May 25 2015

Am I correct to assume that the RSI Indicator is based on the bar frequency and not set to daily?

I'm using 5 minute bar frequency but seem to get the same result whether I use a daily or 5 min frequency.  I'm using the RSI value to trigger a buy/sell order.

Thanks in advance.
Posted Monday May 25 2015
It is based on the bar frequency that you use.  How are you creating the indicator?  If you are using a frequency besides the system frequency, you need to both set the indicator's frequency and use a bar series from that frequency as the input.  Something like this in your startup:

FiveMin = GetFrequency(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5));
RSI = new RelativeStrength(14, FiveMin.Close);
SystemData.IndicatorManager.SetFrequency(RSI, FiveMin);


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