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Setting up API to interactive brokers

Posted By hmccoy99 3 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday May 27 2015
1. what interface does rightedge use to connect to  interactive brokers..?   IB API OR FIX CTCI  ?
2. is there any documentation for configuing the API?    on IB side and right edge side?
3. what support is available?
4. I would like to have real time data bars of several frequences is bar data available from IB or does right edge build bar data from tick data
5. Is there a standard API  example available.
6 what changes in the code  are required modifing a back test trading model to interday real time stradigy.


Posted Thursday May 28 2015
Hi Henry,
  1. RightEdge uses the IB API.
  2. Here are some RightEdge docs on configuring an IB connection:
    1. Setting up historical data for Interactive Brokers
    2. Setting up real-time data for Interactive Brokers
    3. Setting up a broker for trading
  3. We provide support via these forums and via our "Contact Us" form.
  4. For real time data, RightEdge builds bars from the tick data.  You can download historical bar data in the frequencies of your choice.
  5. I'm not sure what you're asking here.  RightEdge abstracts away the broker so your system doesn't need to interact directly with the IB API.  The source code to the IB plugin is included with RightEdge, so you can see how it works or modify it if you need to.
  6. In general the same system code will work for backtesting and live trading.  Differences that you may want to handle can include dealing with the fact that for live trading you'll have tick data as opposed to lower resolution bar data for backtesting, dealing with disconnections, sending alerts, persisting system state between live sessions, and syncing the system state with the broker when you start the live system.

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