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Where're MAE/MFE values ?

Posted By pmarz 4 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday July 08 2015
I'm able to run simple systems on RE successfully, but I notice that MAE/MFE results (in View -> System Results -> MAE/MFE) don't are updated. Values are always displayed as equals to 0%, while System Summary, Position List, Trade List work flawlessly. What am I overlooking ?!?

Thank you

Posted Tuesday July 14 2015
I wonder why such a simple question doesn't deserve a little answer ...
Posted Wednesday July 15 2015
Hi Paolo,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and sorry that it took a while to respond.

I have fixed this for the next build of RightEdge.  You will need to set PositionManager.CalculateMAEMFE to true in your system's startup, and then the MAE/MFE system results page will display the values correctly.

Posted Wednesday July 15 2015
Thank you very much, Daniel ...
Posted Thursday March 24 2016
In all m years of RE I have never been able to get MAE/MFE to work. An dI have asked before and never got an answer.
I do not have that setting in positionmanager I use build 54
So any ideas how to get it to work?


Posted Friday March 25 2016
I've just released build 56 which now has the CalculateMAEMFE property.  If you set it to true in your system's startup code then you should be able to view the MAE/MFE in your system results.


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