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Position Reversal

Posted By paulged 4 Years Ago
QuestionMark Posted Thursday July 09 2015
Hi All,

First post from a new user and was wondering if someone would be able to regarding a trading strategy reversal. I think by giving an example it will make my question clearer.

Lets say I have a simple SMA crossover system. When the fast SMA crosses above the slow SMA, I buy(long), and when the fast SMA crosses below the slow SMA I close the long position and open a short position.

Now would I be able to design a trading system on a single C# file, or would I have to use the multiple systems template provided on this website to create two systems for this strategy?

Your help is appreciated!
Posted Friday July 10 2015
You can do this in a single system.  Here's a sample system which sounds very close to what you are looking for: Indicator Based Stop and Reverse.

Posted Monday July 13 2015
Thanks for the help!

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