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Custom System Results IO error when optimizing

Posted By johan 3 Years Ago
Posted Sunday July 19 2015
I have a custom results plugin which uses an external file to write data to.  When I run optimization, I get a IO error, as the different threads attempt to access file at the same time.  I can't use the CustomString, as I already use it for other data.  Is there a solution - maybe create another instance of SystemData and writing to this CustomString, but how do I access a specific SystemData instance in the results plugin.
Posted Sunday July 19 2015
I'd recommend writing to a different file for each run within an optimization.  You can do this by using SystemData.RunNumber to get the current run number, and using that as part of the filename you write to and read from.


Edited: Sunday July 19 2015 by dplaisted
Posted Monday July 20 2015
Thanks Daniel.

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