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Paper Broker override CalculateCommission

Posted By johan 4 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday July 21 2015
I am trying to implement an override method for CalculateCommission, but am getting errors with regard to references.  When I build in .NET 4.5, there is no method CalculateCommissions to override.  Should I use a different .NET Framework such as 3.5?  All the rest I have built on 4.5 with no problem.

Posted Wednesday July 22 2015
You should use .NET 4.5.  What errors regarding references are you getting?  Where are you referencing the RightEdge DLLs (Common.dll and PaperBroker.dll) from?

Posted Wednesday July 22 2015

Here is the error:

Error      1              'IGCFDBroker.IGCFDBroker.CalculateCommission(RightEdge.Common.BrokerOrder,double)': no suitable method found to override          c:\users\jstumpf\documents\visualstudio 2013\Projects\IGCFDPaperBroker\Class1.cs        37           35           IGCFDPaperBroker

I am referencing them from Class Library.


Posted Wednesday July 22 2015
Daniel, I sorted it out.  I copied statements from MyPaperBroker code.  When deleted and typed in through Intellisense, it works.  Thanks.

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