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Options trading possible with RightEdge?

Posted By mt808 4 Years Ago
Posted Friday August 21 2015
Is it possible to do Options trading with RightEdge software? Or just Stocks, Futures and Forex?

Posted Tuesday August 25 2015
Yes, options trading is possible, assuming your broker supports it. Set your asset type to Option in the symbol setup, provide the contract data and you're ready to roll.
Posted Friday August 28 2015
Great! Can any type of financial product whatsover be traded via Rightedge?
Posted Monday August 31 2015
You can see a list of the asset types RightEdge supports in the asset type dropdown of the symbol setup.  There's nothing stopping you from trading an asset type that's not listed, you'll just have to choose one of the types in the list for RightEdge to treat the symbol as.  So how well it will be supported depends on whether there's any special handling (for example in how the P&L is calculated) that's not covered by the existing asset type choices.


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