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FIX API broker connection?

Posted By mt808 3 Years Ago
Posted Friday August 21 2015
Does Rightedge connect to its supported brokers via a FIX API?
I ask because I understand FIX APIs have the lowest latency, so I hope FIX APIs are what Rightedge is using.

Also, are these the three brokers that can be traded with via Ridgedge's software= I’m not 100% clear that if the attached screenshot from Rightedge’s website is saying and are included.

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Posted Tuesday August 25 2015
The brokers we support are native, not FIX. Yes, Open E-Cry and MB Trading broker adapters are included.
Posted Thursday August 27 2015
Another option you have is to write your own broker plugin that connects to your FIX-based broker.  RightEdge makes this possible with its open plugin architecture.  We are a customer just like you, and we have been able to write our own broker and data plugins for RightEdge.  

But just to clarify...  FIX isn't the lowest latency broker/data connection out there.  It's a variable-field-length text-based protocol, which means an un-optimized FIX engine may have more latency than you expect.  How much more?  Probably on the order of 50 microseconds.  So in the vast majority of use cases, that extra latency probably won't affect your trading.  It only really matters for high-volume low-latency strategies that you probably wouldn't implement in RightEdge anyway.

That being said, if you're a professional trader, either solo or with a firm to back you, and if you have some programming skills or can hire someone who does, connecting RightEdge to a broker via FIX is a totally reasonable thing to do and would open you up to a wide world of brokers and trading venues.
Posted Thursday August 27 2015
Thanks. I ideally would like to use Rightedge for ultra low latency high frequency trading.

Is there any Rightedge documentation anyone can post here that explains the best way to connect brokers, data-providers and/or trading-venues to Rightedge to do this type of trading?
I assume its via a FIX connection, but would still like to read Rightedge's suggested methods for doing such a FIX connection.

Thanks again!

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Posted Monday August 31 2015
What do you define as "ultra low latency high frequency trading"?

I think of trading strategies that need to run on hardware co-located with the exchange because otherwise latency caused by the speed of light will put them at a disadvantage.

I don't think RightEdge is appropriate for this type of trading strategy.  We've made design decisions for ease of use, simulation robustness, and flexibility that will probably prevent you from getting the super-high performance you would need.  But by all means, feel free to try it out for yourself and let us know how well it works.


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Posted Monday August 31 2015
Hah, I may have gone a little overboard by saying "ultra low latency high frequency trading."

All I'm looking for is documentation explaining how I could write a custum plugin that will connect Rightedge to a broker's FIX API.
Posted Thursday September 03 2015
General information on how to write a plugin for RightEdge is in the help, here.

The source code for most of the plugins that are part of RightEdge is included with RightEdge.  You can find them by going to Help \ RightEdge Samples in RightEdge.  You can refer to the Interactive Brokers / TWS plugin for how to write a broker plugin.  That plugin is under RightEdgePlugins\TWSCSharpPlugin in the samples.


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