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Tick Charts and Seconds Charts possible?

Posted By mt808 4 Years Ago
Posted Sunday August 23 2015
 Is it possible to make a chart in RightEdge that whose bar frequency is every X ticks? Or every X seconds?

  Or are 1 minute bars the highest frequency possible?

Posted Tuesday August 25 2015
Yes, RightEdge can aggregate data into any frequency. See this topic.
Posted Tuesday August 25 2015
It's possible to create higher bar frequencies and use them in your system logic, but it's only possible to display charts for time-based frequencies of 1 minute or more.

Posted Thursday August 27 2015
Thanks everyone.

Daniel, is it possible to "display" Tick charts?

Either way, does anyone know where in Rightedge's documentation I can find info on best practices for writing a custom plugin that will enable me to "display" Seconds charts (and Tick charts if they are not already possible)?

Edited: Friday August 28 2015 by mt808
Posted Monday August 31 2015
RightEdge doesn't have support for plugins to display different charts.  (You can see the types of plugins RightEdge supports here.)

If you want live charts, you could do create your own window to display charts.  This sample shows how to create your own window from a trading system.

If you don't want live charts, you could create a system result plugin that displays a chart.  You'd have to figure out how to access the tick data and construct the chart based on that.

Posted Monday August 31 2015
Hi Daniel.

Are you saying it would not be possible for me to write a custom plugin the will display a chart with 1 second bars?
Posted Monday February 08 2016
Hi Daniel,

I'm still having trouble understanding this. Is there a phone # I can reach you on for some quick clarification? Please private message the # to me if so.

(FYI: i just bought a Rightedge license, very excited to get started.)


Posted Thursday February 11 2016
Hello, I'd just like to give everyones a heads up that i've posted a new thread here
that  relates to this thread.

Perhaps the Table/Spreadsheet idea  mentioned in this new thread is the solution I've been looking for all along, though a chart does seem easierSmile


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