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IQFeed Live Data Error

Posted By ywlee 4 Years Ago
Posted Monday September 07 2015

When I use IQFeed for forex live trading, the OHLC that is captured is always the same value.  Historical data is fine.  (See screenshot.)

As a result no trading takes place as all the values are the same and indicators will show 0 or null.  Same happens for all other forex pairs.
I tested this with IB Live Data and the OHLC updates correctly.
As I'm trading in Asia, have set the time difference in IQFeed configuration to 8 hours.
Not sure why this happens.  Appreciate help.

Posted Monday September 07 2015

I figured out the problem but not the solution.

When IQFeed live data comes in, the time stamp is still in EST and not local time even after I have adjusted the time difference in the IQFeed Service-> Modify -> Other Settings.

When using IB Data Live data, the data time stamp is in local time as TWS is running in local time.

How do I get the time stamp for IQFeed Live Data to be captured in local time?

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