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Terminate simulation on demand

Posted By stanleyu 3 Years Ago
Posted Monday December 28 2015
Hi, is there a method available that would allow me to terminate the simulation manually. For example I have a logic in the simulation that checks for conditions that must all satisfied before simulation can be executed. When at least one conditions is not met, I would like to call a method to terminate the simuation. I am not able to find such command to terminate the simulation. Other methods that I used either will close the RE application alltogether or does not work in RE. The walkaround I'm using currently is to throw an exception in order to force the simulation to quite, but this is not ideal. Please advise if there is a method I can call in RE to terminate the simulation program gracefully and return the control back to RE env. 

Posted Tuesday December 29 2015
I think right now the most graceful way to terminate the simulation would be to throw an exception from your system.


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