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Seeking Norgate/Premium Data users for testing

Posted By NorgateData 3 Years Ago
Posted Thursday January 07 2016
Norgate has developed a tight integration plugin for RightEdge (build 54+).  If you are a Norgate/Premium Data user, we are seeking your help to test against this new system.

New features include historical index constituents (as a backtest universe), dividend handling, automatic population of metadata fields, date padding mechanisms, price adjustment mechanisms (e.g. adjust price data for dividends) plus integration of various key data points including economic data, bond yields, cash commodity prices and market breadth indices.

Please send an email to if you are interested in helping test these new systems.

Best regards,
Richard Dale
Norgate Data
Posted Monday July 18 2016
Pardon in advance for a newb question - but has the plug-in been released? If yes, how do I get it? I have found nothing on the PremiumData website. Thanks!
Posted Friday August 05 2016
I recommend emailing the above email address with questions about it.  I believe it is available if you ask for it.

(It seems that Norgate is having issues logging onto the forums so they may not be able to respond here currently.  I apologize for that, it appears this was my fault.)


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