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Request Options Symbols in Run-Time

Posted By nir98 2 Years Ago
Posted Friday January 08 2016

I would like to program a system that trades stock options based on the underlying asset.

Once I have my trigger from the underlying asset I then need to find the suitable option to trade on.
Is it possible to request data on options symbols during run-time? ( it is not useful to add the symbols manually - more over I don't know in advance what strike will be the best for execution - I can only know it during run-time).
So the base question is can I request stock options data in run-time?



Posted Friday January 08 2016
Hi Nir,

No, it's not currently possible to request additional symbols at runtime.

What you would need to do is to include all possible option contracts for the symbols you want to trade, and then at runtime you can select which one to use when you get a trigger from an underlying symbol.


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