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Futures update through IQFeed

Posted By KEf4QkkaumxbXnj 3 Years Ago
Posted Sunday February 07 2016

When adding a futures symbol to the watchlist the expiration date is automatically added to the symbol.
Then when I want to update the historical data through IQFeed the date is included in the symbol and the update window displays the message "Error retrieving bars: !ERROR! Invalid symbol.".
When another security type is selected for the futures symbol, for example stock or index, no additional data is added to the symbol in the watchlist and the update through IQFeed works as expected.
What is the correct procedure of adding a futures symbol and retrieving the historical data through IQFeed?

Posted Tuesday February 09 2016
After some searching I finally found the answer in the following topic:
The IQFeed symbol should be added to the "Custom Data for Historical Data Plugin" field.
Posted Friday February 12 2016
Sorry I didn't reply earlier, but happy to hear you figured this out!


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