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View Tick Bars and/or Seconds bars in Table/Spreadsheet instead of Chart?

Posted By mt808 3 Years Ago

View Tick Bars and/or Seconds bars in Table/Spreadsheet instead of...

Posted Thursday February 11 2016
Since it doesn't seem possible to make a Chart with Tick or Seconds bars (as explained in this link
is it possible to make a Table/Spreadsheet that shows all according values when backtesting strategies that use Tick or Seconds bars?

For example, it could look as follows:
Column A= Shows the Close price of a 30 second bar.
Column B= Shows what the MACD value was at the Close of a 30 second bar.
Column C= Shows the exit price of any positions that exited at the close of a 30 second bar.
Column D= and so on . . . 

If this is not possible, any suggestions on other ways I can test to see if I have programed my Seconds Bar and Tick Bar based strategies to do what I intended them to do? I find the only way to spot my programing mistakes is to backtest my strategies and see if they respond to bars (and other values) in the way I intended them too (which is impossible if I cannot see the mentioned Chart or Table/Spreadsheet values)

I look forward to your thoughts.

Posted Friday February 12 2016
Hi mt808,

Yes, making a table of the values you're interested in is a good way to help make sure the strategy is doing what you expect.

The simplest way to do this is to just write out the data to e.g. a tab-separated text file as your system runs.  Then you can open it up in Excel afterwards to inspect the data.

If you wanted it to be more integrated into RightEdge, you could write a system results plugin that would read the data from the file and display it in a table, so that you would have the data right there in RightEdge after running the system.

Does this help?

Posted Friday February 12 2016
This helps a lot Daniel, thanks.

Do you have any documentation or code examples that help explain how to do the things you've mentioned?

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