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Charting Frequency and Volume data configuration

Posted By lesliegk 3 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday February 17 2016

1. I have downloaded daily data and minutes data by
Configure Folder->Bar Frequency-> Change bar frequency-> Update Historical Data
in the watchlist. When I display the daily chart, how could I switch to the minutes frequency directly without going to Configure Folder->Bar Frequency-> Change bar frequency to display a new chart again ?

2.   The volume data is displayed in the power of 10. For example volume of 89352 will be displayed as 89.352 * 10^3.  Is there anyway to display the volume as it is as the display in power of 10 is at times confusing when I am looking at multiple charts at the same time.

3. For bar chart, how to change the width of the bar?


Edited: Wednesday February 17 2016 by lesliegk
Posted Friday February 26 2016

1. The easiest thing here is probably to create two separate folders with the same symbols, but different frequencies.  Then you can open a 1 minute chart from one folder, and a daily chart from the other folder.

2. There isn't a way right now to control how the volume value is displayed

3. You can change the number of bars shown on the chart, which will end up changing the bar width.  There are zoom in and out buttons on the toolbar that do this, or you can change the default number of bars displayed in the chart options.


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