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Data storage

Posted By eLopezAliaga 2 Years Ago
Posted Thursday February 25 2016
I am just wondering if there is any method or procedure to move the data from the local binary files to a SQL Server database. I wouldn't be any problem if the method involves to write some code ...
Thanks in advance.
Posted Friday March 04 2016

I'm new here and just finding my way around but I've successfully done what you are trying todo. 

Have a look in the samples folder under Samples/c#/DatabaseDataStore for an access example. I adapted it to use MySQL. 

If you are also by chance using MySQL and want a base, let me know and I'll stick what I've got on GitHub. Note: I've only implemented daily and only reading as I don't want rightedge writing or editing my database right now. 

Posted Tuesday March 08 2016
I am actually considering using MariaDB/TokuDB for storing my daily and tick data. They are branches of mySQL. How difficult have you found building this plug in? What has your progress been/problems encountered?
Posted Tuesday March 08 2016

It's really not very difficult, I'm a programmer by profession but I'm only just picking up c#. 

1) Install MySQL assemblies (Obviously you'd need to do do the ones that match your target DB) (
2) Convert the example I referred to earlier. (Samples/c#/DatabaseDataStore)

The queries aren't anything complicated. One thing I did notice is that it is noticeably slower retrieving the data when backtesting than the native RE binary store. It does all of the lookups by symbol so if you are have 500 symbols it does 500 queries for everything. It could be allot quicker if it combined those queries into one.

I've attached my file plugin here in it's current state, might give you somewhere to start. I don't have any experience with MariaDB or TukuDB but I do use Percona. If your target databases work the same as Percona you should be able to use the standard MySQL client as it is a drop in replacement. 

MySQLDataStore.cs (170 views, 13.00 KB)
Posted Monday March 21 2016
Thanks for that sample code.

I am curious as to where that file location with samples is? I looked in the  Yye folder as well as the github and did not find anything called samples 
Posted Monday March 21 2016
There is a "Help\RightEdge Samples" menu item in RightEdge that will take you to the folder with the RightEdge samples in it.

Posted Monday March 21 2016
On my System the absolute path is: 
C:\Users\Algo\AppData\Roaming\Yye Software\RightEdge\2010.1.0.0\Samples
('Algo' is my username)

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