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"Out of order tick" when I try to start my system live

Posted By CaZeek 3 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday March 01 2016
Hello, the error below keeps occurring for random symbols preventing me from running my system.  I've looked through the data, and I don't see any data at all with the time it's quoting.  Can someone assist please?  Thanks!

Out of order tick. Received tick for symbol CN#C 022100 with time 3/1/2016 1:32:39 AM when previous tick time was 3/2/2016 12:00:00 AM
 at RightEdge.Common.FrequencyManager.ProcessTick(Symbol symbol, TickData tick)
 at RightEdge.Common.Internal.SystemRunner._tickGenerator_NewTick(Object sender, NewTickEventArgs e)
 at RightEdge.Common.TickGenerator.ProcessTick(NewTickEventArgs args)
 at RightEdge.Shared.SystemWrapper.ProcessTicks(Boolean moreTicksPending)
 at RightEdge.Shared.SystemWrapper.ProcessTicks(Boolean moreTicksPending)
 at RightEdge.Shared.TradingModuleWrapper.ProcessTicks(List`1 ticks, Boolean moreTicksPending)
 at RightEdge.LiveSystemwindow.x8c3b46858f2d1101()
Posted Sunday March 13 2016
This is often caused by a mismatch in the time zone between your historical data and your live data.  The system processes the historical data and then when it switches to live data, it encounters times that are in the past according to the historical data it processed.

Also, what bar frequency are you using?


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