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General Guidance Before Going Too Far

Posted By KeelRisk 3 Years Ago
Posted Sunday April 17 2016
Hi All,

I'm looking to get some general questions answered before spending a lot of hours and some $$ on RightEdge.  All-in-all, from the little bit of research I have done, RightEdge would work for what I'm trying to do but would love some input.

This is what I'm looking to accomplish with RidgeEdge, if you can tell me if this tool will work.

o Software to backtest strategies in the Forex market
o Be able to use C#, which I think is the case based on what I've read
o Be able to tie into the Oanda REST API.  I have no problem coding since I'm a sr. software dev.
o Software that can run LIVE trading with Oanda, using my code to tie into Oanda API
o Software that can read live Forex tick data, to make decisions on custom strategies to buy/sell.  Realizing I may need to write plugin to get feed from Oanda. Again not a problem if there is some custom coding needed
o Able to run 3, 4, 5, different strategies at the same time when LIVE trading

Hopefully that all makes sense. Just making sure this will fulfill my needs before I purchase.  


Posted Monday April 18 2016
I'm new to RE also but I believe the answer to all your questions is yes. Also you get a 45 day evaluation period with no strings attached. Just download and try it out-- you get the full version and should be able to test everything to your satisfaction.

Posted Wednesday April 20 2016
I don't see a problem with any of those requirements. 

We don't use tick data and we don't send orders straight to exchange, but the capabilities are there. It's what I love about RightEdge. If you're not afraid of doing a little coding, you can do so much more than with other software packages.

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