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Seeing a Chart from a Backtest with no Trades

Posted By mflaisch 3 Years Ago
Posted Friday April 29 2016
Hi There,
I am trying to figure out how can you see the final chart from a backtest that does not generate any trades.  I was trying some of the samples that come with RightEdge like "ColorBar" which colors a selected bar based on a time.  Once the backtest is run I don't know how to open the chart since no trades are performed in this example.

Posted Friday April 29 2016
In the System Results, there should be a tab called Symbol Results. There you'll see all symbols that were included in the run. Double click any of them to see the chart.

If you don't see this tab, you can enable it under the Tools/Options/SystemResult menu. 
Posted Friday April 29 2016
Thanks for the quick response.  Now I can see the chart easily with the modified bar color.

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