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The most amazing and cheap performance improvement so far...

Posted By dnickless 5 Years Ago

The most amazing and cheap performance improvement so far...

Posted Monday June 13 2016
Hi there

On multi processor machines, adding a simple configuration switch into the RightEdge.exe.config file seems to have a tremendous (!) effect on optimizations and a pretty nice one on normal backtests, too. Frankly, the effects that this setting had on my 24 core optimization runs are almost unbelievable.
Posted Monday June 13 2016
Riiiight. While this gcServer setting appears to be awesome for optimizations it freezes my UI when I e.g. run into certain situations (e.g. when I select more than 100 symbols and run into an IB "Max number of tickers has been reached-" error) - so use it with caution...
Posted Monday July 25 2016
Just an update: I have been running a live system now over a period of weeks and also a number of backtests with the gcServer setting switched on -> no more issues spotted whatsoever, don't know where the one previously mentioned came from.

@Daniel: Could you perhaps include this in the next build?

Edited: Wednesday August 17 2016 by dnickless
Posted Wednesday August 17 2016
Another thing I noticed is that you can cut down your backtesting times to fractions of the "normal" duration simply by setting

CommonGlobals.LogSettings.LoggingEnabled = false;
Posted Saturday August 20 2016
Trying these now. Where do you put the logging option?


Posted Monday August 29 2016

You could put that line right at the start of the MySystem.StartUp() method.
I'd be very interested in reading about your findings. Bear in mind that I'm running a 100 symbols @ 5 minute bars system on a 24 core machine. You may experience a stronger or lesser effect in your situation...

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