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Publish all runtime errors in log window instead of showing them as error dialogs

Posted By arcturius 5 Years Ago

Publish all runtime errors in log window instead of showing them as...

Posted Wednesday June 15 2016
Hello Daniel, 

I hope you guys are doing well.

I would like to suggest the following quick to add feature. Currently I am using RE for automated live execution, and every time something does wrong with my orders (e.g. order is not accepted, bug in my system, etc etc) I get this annoying error dialog, that 1) stops the entire system from executing further 2) makes RE automation useless. I would like to suggest a global checkbox in the RE options, so that the error goes to the log window including its details when required. Just to make sure nothing can interrupt my trading system. This would make RE experience much smoother. I am using the software for around 7 years now, but cannot get used to these error dialogs. 

Thank you,

Edited: Wednesday June 15 2016 by arcturius
Posted Thursday August 04 2016
I really don't think it's a good idea to let the system continue to run when it encounters an unexpected error.  Without knowing what the error was you don't know what state the system is in after the error, so there's no telling how it will behave if it were to continue to run.  The nightmare scenario is it gets in an error loop that keeps buying or selling until your broker stops you.

For specific errors, such as an order not being accepted by the broker, it should be possible to make your system resilient to the error.  You may need to write the code in your system differently, or it's possible that RightEdge or the broker plugin you're using needs to be updated so that it can surface the error in a way that your system can handle it.

So when you do run into these types of errors that stop your system, I'd suggest looking at how you can change your system to catch the error without crashing, or if you're not sure how to do so, then asking for help here.


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