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nBar error from Symbol Ranking Trading System

Posted By geddie212 3 Years Ago
Posted Sunday July 10 2016
I downloaded the following trading system:

For some reason I get the following error, it seems to only do this when I one symbol starts at a different date (e.g. when one symbol starts at 01/01/2000 and another one starts at 01/01/2013, but if they're both the same date then it does the simulation):
Posted Thursday August 04 2016
Thanks for pointing this out.  To fix this, change line 74 from this:

if (SystemData.InLeadBars || double.IsNaN(_rsi.Current))

To this:

if (SystemData.InLeadBars || _rsi.Count == 0 || double.IsNaN(_rsi.Current))


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