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Support for high resolution displays

Posted By Trader Naum 5 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday July 20 2016
It would be great to add support for high resolution displays. I'm running RE on a Windows 10 laptop, and the display is 1080x1020. It's not high by modern standars, but if I turn on 125% scaling to make everything looks normal size, RE UI becomes blurry. I can't even think of trying it on those super high DPI displays. It's a pity as quality displays tend to be high res nowadays.
Posted Friday August 05 2016
What exactly becomes blurry?  I would expect the icons to be blurry at 125%, but the text and the charts I think should display correctly.

I've got a laptop with a 3840 x 2160 display at 200% scaling and it looks fine.  So I think it's OK with super high resolution displays when you use 200% scaling, as each pixel just becomes 2 by 2 pixels.  Scaling to 125% without being blurry is a lot harder, since each pixel needs to scale to 1.25 by 1.25 pixels, so you end up having to blend them.  I think the only way to fix this would be to have the icons in multiple resolution, at a very high resolution that could be downscaled, or as vector art.

Posted Wednesday August 10 2016
It is 125% (recommended by Win for that display, 1080p, 14" screen). Will try 200%, thanks!
Posted Wednesday August 10 2016
I think 200% on a 1080p screen will probably be way too big.  IE the icons won't look blurry but you won't have enough screen space to do much.


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