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Historical Data Lookback

Posted By ywlee 2 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday November 09 2016
Hi Daniel

A follow-on question from this thread:

If I select Live Data Start Date as 1 day ago and click "live trading", will it trigger trades in real time based on the historical data that matches the criteria in the program or does it wait till the data is real time before executing trades?  What I'm trying to avoid is the system running through the 1 day data and triggering trades in real time.

The reason I'm asking is that I have tested with OutputMessage when certain criteria is met and when I click "live trading", the OutputMessage will triggered based on data that matches the criteria in the 1 day old historical data.  I'm wondering whether the system will only start trading when it is live data.  .

Hope the question is not too confusing.

Thanks in advance.

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