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Out of order tick Exception when using "Run full sim before starting live system"

Posted By Ishwar 2 Years Ago

Out of order tick Exception when using "Run full sim before starting...

Posted Thursday November 17 2016
My system's main frequency is set to 15 Minutes with all indicators working at this bar frequency itself. I have historical data imported for the symbol at 1 minute frequency so the symbol folder is set to 1 minute frequency.
Under Options -> Live, I have selected "Run full sim before starting live system". Now, when I run the system live, initially everything runs fine. But on stopping and starting the live system, it raises the below Exception:
"Out of order tick.  Received tick for symbol with time 17-11-2016 21:13:23 when previous tick time was 17-11-2016 21:15:00" .
Note that the current time is 17-11-2016 21:13:23 and I checked to see that in NewTick there was no tick data with this future time as 17-11-2016 21:15:00.
Could you please check this and provide a fix? Or let me know if something needs to be done from my side.

Posted Monday January 09 2017
I have this same problem for no apparent reason.  Any solution?

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