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Posted By thinkjohn Last Year
Posted Wednesday January 11 2017
I am running a Strategy that includes Dividends.  I am adding my Dividends back in using
SystemData.Broker.Deposit(Position.CurrentSize * Dividend)

I am also logging this value and it amounts to over $3,000,000 during my backtest.

The only problem is that in the System Results, it is nowhere to be found.  My Starting Capital and Ending Capital are the SAME even if I comment out the DEPOSIT.

Shouldn't I see the Ending Capital change?

Posted Thursday November 23 2017
Hello John, A part of income, received by a company, which is distributed amongst stockholders relative to their share or other types of stocks which are owned by them. Dividends can be paid once a year (final dividends) or once every few months (interim dividends). The decision about the order and magnitude of the dividend is made by each company independently. I think you should check how the dividends are distributed by the company with which you have your capital, It may be that you have to calculate lot size of dividends that you have in favor of your capital but it is not reflected in your account

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