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Positions Close - not working

Posted By puianalin Last Year
Posted Friday February 09 2018

can someone help please? I use DnD and c#. I've create the triggers in DnD. It works only without the close instructions. Thanks.
I have the error below -
"An exception of type System.NullReferenceException was thrown. Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

if (SystemData.Triggers["LONG_T"] [Symbol].IsTriggered)
PositionSettings ps1 = new PositionSettings();
ps1.PositionType = PositionType.Long;
ps1.OrderType = OrderType.Market;
ps1.Size = (long)Indicators["Units"].Current;
OpenPosition (ps1);

if (SystemData.Triggers["SHORT_T"] [Symbol].IsTriggered)
PositionSettings ps2 = new PositionSettings();
ps2.PositionType = PositionType.Short;
ps2.OrderType = OrderType.Market;
ps2.Size = (long)Indicators["Units"].Current;
OpenPosition (ps2);

if (SystemData.Triggers["ATR_Stop_L"] [Symbol].IsTriggered)
foreach (Position ps1 in OpenPositions)

if (SystemData.Triggers["ATR_Stop_S"] [Symbol].IsTriggered)
foreach (Position ps2 in OpenPositions)

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