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how to be a quant?

Posted By RubyYao 3 Years Ago
W00t Posted Wednesday August 29 2018
FMZ  -- a professional quantitative platform with strategy writing & running & backtesting, a place to help you to do the quantitative research and automotive bottom mechanism construct.
We have a professional team of programmers with more than 20 years of programming experience, build all the underlying mechanisms, backtesting system (accurate to the second level of data), every major exchange interface, runway and order delivery optimization.

FMZ quant is suitable for: programmers, traders, newbie interested in quantitative finance, financial practitioners with programming foundation, and little cute who don’t understand but has strong desire to learn. FMZ quant welcome you all.
FMZ quant offers online programming, real market & simulate market tick backtesting, strategy sharing, renting and selling, community; supports JavaScript, python, C++ (other languages are adding); involving stocks, futures, crypto, of course with various exchanges.

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