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Posted By RubyYao 3 Years Ago
Posted Thursday September 06 2018
FMZ Quant:  -- a professional quantitative platform with trading strategy writing & backtesting & running, a place to help you to do automotive trading, especially crypto trading.
You can write your own strategy in JavaScript, python or C++ language, or rent others’ strategy, and then backtest in real market data or simulate market data.
We have a professional team of programmers with more than 20 years of programming experience, building all the underlying mechanisms, backtesting system (accurate to the second level of data), every major exchange interface, runway and order delivery optimization.
FMZ quant is suitable for: programmers, traders, newbie interested in quantitative finance, financial practitioners with programming foundation, and little cute who don’t understand but has strong desire to learn. FMZ quant welcome you all.
FMZ quant offers online programming, backtesting in real market & simulate market, strategy sharing & renting, discussing in community; supports JavaScript, python, C++ (other languages are adding); involves stocks, futures, crypto, of course with various exchanges.
Posted Saturday September 29 2018
Great news!!!
FMZ Quant has bagan a service for strategies writing.
Not matter you are an amateur or skilled programmer, if you have the idea that you want to deploy in the market, just tell us, and we will write it for you.
We have a programming team that has over 20 years of coding experience.
No matter how complicated your trading strategy is, as long as it can be quantified, we will make it happen. And you will also get the source code of your strategy, and you can check it through how we’ve done our job. The price is depending on your strategy’s complexity.
Feel free to contact us if you are interested. Also, please tell you friends about our new promotion, especially those has great strategy but poor programming skill.
By the way, the strategy we write for you, the copyright totally belongs to you.
Posted Wednesday October 31 2018
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