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New to RightEdge - where to find assembly reference

Posted By schling 2 Years Ago
Crazy Posted Saturday May 04 2019
Just downloaded RIghtEdge for evaluation. I am quite familiar with Visual, so this will be my language of choice.
For some reason,  or maybe because I just don't know how to search ..., I cannot find any online reference to the RightEdge assemblies in order to get an overview of the functionalities that exist (classes, methods, properties, etc). Could somebody point me in the right direction?
Currently I use AmiBroker with Norgate Data but have run into some obstacles for taking the evaluation of a trading system one step further. It buys up to five positions (so, each are sized to 20% of account equity) out of the Russell 3000 index, based on buy signals that are then ranked. This can be done quite easily in AmiBroker. Now I would like to limit sector exposure, i.e. either avoid to have too many positions in the same sector, or have more than one buy per sector on the same day. This is where it gets more complicated. Can it be achieved with RightEdge (with Norgate end of day data)?
Posted Friday May 17 2019
The API reference is on the homepage under Support-Documentation.  Given RE's flexibility, I would expect you could achieve what you described below.  Although I've not used it, Norgate has (or used to have) a custom RE interface that handles index leavers/joiners and delistings.  Sounds like that might be helpful in your case.  Good luck!  Greg
Posted Saturday May 25 2019
Thanks Greg!

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