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Using Drag and Drop (DnD) on Momentum Indicators

Posted By davidfw1866 11 Years Ago
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Posted Wednesday April 18 2007
I dragged and dropped the Money Flow Index (MFI) momentum indicator onto the System Designer, but I'm having trouble getting it to work correctly.

Basically, should I set up the MFI as a comparison trigger or as a crossover trigger?

This is my code when I set it up as a comparison:

This is my code when I set it up as a crossover:

Either way, I get this error:

What I'm trying to do is generate a buy condition when the MFI begins under 20 and then crosses above it.
5 stars.
Posted Thursday April 19 2007
Please copy the text of the exception instead of the screenshot.  I can't see the full text of the exception in that screenshot.


Posted Thursday April 19 2007
I updated to Build 297, and the problem disappeared.

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