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Build 304 Available

Posted By billb 12 Years Ago
Posted Monday May 07 2007

RightEdge Beta 4, Build 304

A new file import utility has been implemented. We're still in the testing stages, but felt that it was worth allowing folks demanding more power from the importer to begin giving feedback.

A number of live system exceptions were found and fixed. We invite those who have tried live systems and may have encountered these to try again and let us know if you encounter anything.

We have reduced memory usage by over 50% in most cases when running simulations. This is going to be very noticeable to folks who use large data sets.

Trading Results Paging
In cases where the result set was large (10's or 100's of thousands of trades), the memory bottleneck became the grid that displays the trade list.  If you are still having memory problems after a simulation has completed, try turning on paging and displaying 50 or 100 trades per page.  This option can be found on the "System Results" tab in the program Options.

A couple of breaking changes. First, we've added an "information" string to the OrderUpdateChanged event. This is passed back by the broker plugin and is typically used when the order is rejected. This space allows the broker plugin to give a "reason" or some additional information as to why. Anyone subscribing to this event will want to update their handler to include this string.

Second, we've made changes to user series to help synchronize those series in the case where empty bars are encountered. As a result, you'll have to change from using "Add()" to using the "SetCurrentValue()" function.

What's Coming
We've reduced the bug count significantly over the last couple of months, thanks to your help. The way things are shaping up, it looks like one more refresh will be in order in the next couple of weeks to knock out the remaining problems that we consider show stoppers. Once these are finished, we'll make a release candidate available shortly after with the remaining small features that we were planning to implement. With the 1.0 API being stable, we'll begin to write sample systems that take advantage of the various features of the product. These will ship with the program and will be available on the web site.

Bugs Fixed Since Build 296

  • 981 RESO FIXE Trading systems not taking trades
  • 979 RESO FIXE Reduce memory usage for simulations with large amounts of...
  • 935 RESO FIXE Live system exception after adding a symbol
  • 947 RESO FIXE System results screen throws exception when sorting on pr...
  • 945 RESO FIXE Price display corrupted in chart price axis
  • 937 RESO FIXE Intellisense crash when using VB and "Handles" keyword
  • 952 RESO FIXE Text object generates an exception
  • 933 RESO FIXE Set Profit target in DnD causes exception
  • 958 RESO FIXE Binary data store not honoring dates for tick data load
  • 959 RESO FIXE Live charts do not respect Maximum Bars Displayed setting
  • 896 RESO FIXE Live System KeyNotFoundException
  • 936 RESO FIXE Formatting changes in live system window
  • 871 RESO FIXE Exception in SystemStatistics
  • 927 RESO FIXE Build succeeded in status bar
  • 953 RESO FIXE SQL Server Northwind database
  • 821 RESO FIXE Add support for partial fills
  • 826 RESO FIXE Implement Open E-cry broker plugin
  • 955 RESO FIXE Bar data editor does not prompt when exiting
  • 965 RESO FIXE Short position not being closed.
  • 964 RESO FIXE Crash on live system with new UserSeries
  • 869 RESO FIXE Exception in live systems
  • 891 RESO FIXE User created series may not be aligned correctly
  • 966 RESO FIXE UserSeries do not plot
  • 969 RESO FIXE Crash opening chart with chart objects from system
  • 816 RESO FIXE Data import should show line number and text of line on e...
  • 749 RESO FIXE Modify data import utility to allow symbol to be specifie...


After the successful download of RightEdge, extract the zip file to a temporary directory and run the Setup application.  Follow the steps in the installation wizard and once the files are copied to their final destination, RightEdge is ready to use.


It is highly recommended that RightEdge is uninstalled before installing this refresh.  In addition to running the uninstall (located in the Start/Remove Programs in the Control Panel), it is recommended that the RightEdge program folder is completely removed.  After running the uninstall, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the RightEdge folder (the default folder is located in C:\Program Files\Yye Software) and delete this folder.


RightEdge creates a program group in the Start Menu.  There are three items in the list, RightEdge, Getting Started Guide and RightEdge Developer Guide.  It is highly recommended that you take a look at the Getting Started Guide to learn the basics of navigating around the software and understanding key features.  Use the RightEdge Developer Guide to help build systems from code.  The RightEdge Developer Guide is now available online at

Reporting Problems

Beta testers have our full support resources available to them.  For the short term, it is recommended that you post any problems to our public forums so that others may benefit from the solution provided.  You may also use our support URL to send a message directly to our support staff at  We can also provide others means of support (telephone, instant messenger, etc) on a case by case basis.

We look forward to your feedback.

The RightEdge Development Team

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