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RightEdge 1.0 Released

Posted By billb 12 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday August 01 2007

Announcing RightEdge v1.0

We are proud to announce the final release of RightEdge v1.0.  We appreciate the interest that you have shown in the past.  We are particularly appreciative of the hard work and feedback from our beta testers.  Please view our press release for the official word.

We have also made pricing information available.

A free, fully functional 30-day trial is available for download.

Our Thanks To You - Free Upgrades

We know there's a stigma attached to any 1.0 product.  We've demonstrated that quality and ultra responsiveness to your questions and comments are at the top of our list.  We'd like to further that by offering a free Gold Support upgrade ($149USD) with any perpetual license purchase through October 1st.  With our upgraded package you receive first in line service and additional support options such as phone support.  In addition, you receive all major upgrades free of charge throughout the lifetime of the Gold Support term (12 months).  To receive your free Gold Support upgrade, simply enter the coupon code "trailblazer" when you purchase the RightEdge product with Gold Support.

Moving Forward

We've made a significant step in delivering our first version.  To build a solid foundation we've kept our focus razor sharp.  This involved more focus on quality and architecture than features.  However, with our first release under our belts, we're happy to have the ability to focus more on features and enhancements.  Based on your valuable feedback, we've compiled our list and will be unveiling more information over the coming weeks.

Bugs Fixed Since Release Candidate 2

  • 1077 RESO FIXE Crash when backtesting related to paper trader setting
  • 1078 RESO FIXE Backtesting is missing trades in certain situations
  • 1082 RESO FIXE Allocation is currency when it should be % on parameters tab
  • 1075 RESO FIXE Parameters tab shows incorrect parameter values for optim...
  • 1049 RESO FIXE Adding indicators to system, unexpected behavior
  • 1080 RESO FIXE Buy/sell labels do not appear in live mode
  • 968  RESO FIXE Output pane messages not picked up in Startup()
  • 992  RESO FIXE Using Bar Data Editor leaves symbol data file open
  • 1018 RESO FIXE Watchlist toolbar: missing tooltip on far right button.
  • 1031 RESO FIXE "line styles" in dialog do not match...
  • 1044 RESO FIXE Add system properties to system results parameters tab
  • 905  RESO FIXE Give better feedback on why a position is not opened.
  • 912  RESO FIXE Optimization fixes
  • 858  RESO FIXE hitting Ctrl+F multiple times will bring up multiple find...
  • 1026 RESO FIXE Can add the same symbol twice
  • 711  RESO FIXE When new symbols are added, they aren't sorted.
  • 812  RESO FIXE Out of memory on output pane
  • 868  RESO FIXE If no real time provider is selected and the user attempt...
  • 1085 RESO FIXE Allow pending open position orders to last for more than ...
  • 997  RESO FIXE In data importer, check if data frequency matches specifi...
  • 1002 RESO FIXE DisconnectedContext MDA when retrieving historical data f...
  • 1087 RESO FIXE Buying power doesn't change if "Use broker buying power" ...

We look forward to a long and productive relationship.

The RightEdge Development Team

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